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Sunday, June 14th, 2009
4:51 pm - Discovering Eva

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: 3-4 years ago I read about Eva Cassidy and her life in magazine. Around those days when I read it "Live at Blues Ally" was aired on Swedish TV and I watched it and recorded it on VHS.
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: Live at Blues Ally
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: "Fields of Gold"
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: I need to look that up.

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Saturday, March 14th, 2009
1:05 pm - Eva-The most incredible singer I have ever heard
pattty62 I first learned about Eva about a month ago when my husband brought home a CD a friend had loaned him--Live at Blues Alley. I am 46 years old and I have heard a lot of great, wonderful, inspirational music in my lifetime. But I have never heard anybody sing like Eva. She is in a class of her own. Her voice truly is the voice of an angel. I learned that she had grown up in the same area as I had, and that she used to play at Venues that I used to go to, like Blues Alley, and the Bayou in DC.
i couldn't believe I had never heard of her.
I am not an overly emotional person, and God knows there so many things in this world that can make you cynical. But listening to Eva's music can easily bring me to tears. I really have never heard such a magnificent voice in my life. I have purchased 4 of her CD'S so far and I am amazed every time I listen to her music at how GREAT she was.
She deserves to be ranked among the very best singers that ever lived.
I have always been a music lover, and I have lots of favorites, old and new...among them Bonnie Raitt, Nora Jones, Alison Krauss, Emmy Lou Harris, Dave Mathews band, Leon Russell, Tori Amos,Yo Yo Ma, Eric Clapton, etc etc.
Although I love all of their music and the music of so many others, I can't say any of them has actually brought me to tears.
Eva Cassidy's voice touches my very soul, and I guess you can say that is the true meaning of soul music!
I plan on purchasing every recording of hers I can get my hand on, but only those recordings that her family and friends have approved. In other words, I will not burn her CD's or purchase "bootleg" recordings because I respect this remarkable woman so much, as well as her family.
I am grateful that they have released her recordings for the public to purchase, and I hope they chose to release more.
I have bought CD's of Eva's and had them mailed them to friends and family.....I just think the world needs to know about this amazing person.
I am amazed by how versatile she was....she could sing the blues like the best, she could sing jazz, swing, country, folk, rock.....no matter what genre she was great. GREAT.
i am so happy I discovered her music and I hope the rest of the world does!

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
5:55 am

(T. Beechey)

- Dedicated to Eva Cassidy and Danielle Sproull -

Some time ago, an angel passed too soon before her time
Time has a way of moving fast, she hadn't reached her prime
The dreams she had were unfulfilled, yet her legacy remains
Even though her golden voice is stilled, another takes the reins

And she lives within her
All you have to do is hear
She breathes inside her
It is just so crystal clear
Her spirit guides her
In her voice she does appear
She lives within her

It's just as if her spirit has leapt inside her soul
Saying, “My work shall not diminish, you complete my role
“What I only started is now yours to carry on
“Even though from life I'm parted, through you I am not gone.”

And she lives within her
All you have to do is hear
She breathes inside her
It is just so crystal clear
Her spirit guides her
In her voice she does appear
She lives within her

You only have to listen and you realize
Each song she sings glistens and her angel in the skies
Is smiling down upon her from the first note to the end
She considers it an honor and considers her a friend

They never knew each other, but now they are as one
Since the day she discovered where the magic had begun
Each note she held was golden in every song she sung
Like the tides which have rolled in, it was magic when she sung

That magic now continues in a voice that's just as pure
Allowing for brand new views to her gift which does endure
Some time ago, an angel went before she had a choice
Those moments are reborn again through another's golden voice

And she lives within her
All you have to do is hear
She breathes inside her
It is just so crystal clear
Her spirit guides her
In her voice she does appear
She lives within her

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Monday, April 14th, 2008
10:22 am - New Member...

I was delighted to find this community; not many people know about Eva and her glorious voice, especially people my age (I'm thirteen).
I wish Eva was more appreciated in her short life, and even now.

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: I grew up listening to Eva when my parents played her music in the car. Recently, I rediscovered Eva. I remembered her voice, etched into my subconscious, and went through all our old CDs, eventually finding her CD, I have since added her to my iPod and nor play her music non-stop.
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: Oh, it;d have to be 'Songbird'.
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: Can you really pick? I can't go past 'Songbird', 'Fields of Gold', 'People Get Ready' and 'Over the Rainbow'.
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: I didn't realise she painted until now, but looking through her artwork online, I like 'Flowers for Dorothee', 'Baby Dragon' and 'Daisy Face'.

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Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
3:22 pm - loving eva 24/7

Just a note to say how much of a fan of Eva my hubby and I are. He actually discovered her from the pure moods soundtrack and fell in love with fields of gold. We started researching her and dowloading all of her music and she has changed our lives. Her voice is so soothing and soulful and we get chills up and down our body when we hear her sing. She feels her music from every ounce of her body. 

favorites -- Songbird, Oh I had a golden thread, people get ready, the letter,nightbird, bridge over troubled water-- ect., ect., ect.

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Thursday, January 18th, 2007
10:05 pm

Does anyone know where I could get a (bootleg, obviously) copy of Live at Pearl's?  I don't really download music because I don't know how and don't know if it's safe.  Thanks!

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Sunday, July 9th, 2006
2:29 am - Eva fan

I'm so excited that I found this wee community about Eva! Never know there were any!

I would very much like to see this theatre about Eva, which I heard from a friend should be very good! But I'm not hoping too much that they will ever come to Sweden, so I guess I would have to travel to GB to be able to see it. I still have my hopes up though!
Here's a website; http://www.theatre-productions.com/rainbow.html

Don't know if you are supposed to answer the questionnaire, but I do so anyway! ;)

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: My family and I bought this CD in a big mal, not knowing what to except from it. We only saw that it were some "famous songs" and thought we could give it a try, we did and I was stuck. Since then have I bought all her albums, and are amazed by her, from both her lovely music to her beautiful life and personality!

Favourite Eva Cassidy album: Before was it Live at Blues alley, but it's too hard to choose. Sometimes do I feel for that CD, and other days for another. Depends on my mood and day!

Favourite Eva Cassidy song: Can't choose here either, but my favourites are; People get ready, Bridge over troubled water, wonderful world, Imagine and Golden Thread.

Favourite Eva Cassidy painting: The essence of Eva. But I do love Girl with the bumblebee as well, as it sits proudly on my wall!

Sara xxx

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Thursday, April 13th, 2006
7:00 pm - Add discussion to Eva-Cassidy.com
mariavillafana Hello PetitePoet:

I added you discussion link on our Eva-Cassidy.com site's community page.

Think this will let more Eva fans know about your group.

Did you know there's a theater production about Eva's life currently being staged in England?
I just read about it but there was little info. Know anything?

Talk to you later.


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Monday, March 20th, 2006
4:03 pm - "eva cassidy sings" DVD available in USA?

anyone know where i can purchase a version of the "eva cassidy sings" DVD in USA-friendly region format? many thanks...

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3:32 pm

Hello! I was searching for communities about Eva Cassidy and found this one, so I thought I'd make a quick post.

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: First heard Eva when I saw the Love Actually film in 2003. I bought the soundtrack right away b/c I loved the music. Heard "Songbird" and just fell in love. I went immediately and bought her "Songbird" cd. Since then I've bought 2 more of her cd's and I just can't get enough!
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: It's a tie between "Songbird" and "Time after Time"
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: Again...it's a tie between "Oh, had I a golden thread" and "Penny to my name".  Although, I have yet to hear a song of hers' that I don't like!
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: Didn't realize she was a painter until today.  I did check out the evacassidy.com site after visiting this community and I htink I would pick the" Nova Scotia Cow" just from glancing through them quickly.

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
1:08 am

I'm sorry. I just heard "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and I started balling like a little baby. I've heard that song a thousand times.

But it just hit me.

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Saturday, January 7th, 2006
2:04 pm

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: There was some news blurb on TV about what a hot item she was in Europe, I bought Songbird and fell in love with her music.
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: Songbird
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: I'm just vaguely aware she even painted.

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Friday, December 30th, 2005
10:09 pm

I first heard Eva Cassidy last year, one of the girls that I dance with was dancing to "Hallalujah I Love Him So" and immediately fell in love with it. As soon as I downloaded LimeWire onto my home computer, I downloaded all of her songs that I could. I really don't have a favorite song and am a rather new fan so I'm still don't know all of her stuff but what I do know, I really like.

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
5:06 pm

How I discovered Eva Cassidy:
Someone from a local band gave me a bootleg of her that he recorded at local club (I live about 10 miles from Eva's hometown) in 1994. I wish I could find it because it's probably worth a lot of money and some of the songs have never been released, including "Amazing Grace." That was 5 months before she died amd I kept meaning to go see her, but by the time I got around to it, she died.

Favorite Eva Cassidy album:

For once, I agree with the critics. None of her studio albums touch "Live at Blues Alley." But if I had to pick a studio album, I'd go with "Time After Time."

Favorite Eva Cassidy song:
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
"Way Beyond the Blue"

Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: Honestly, I think Eva Cassidy was an unexceptional visual artist. Her drawings and paintings are cute, but not spectacular. Her talent was clearly for music. As jazz singer myself, there is no doubt that I have never, before or since, heard a voice that even touches hers. I believe she was the greatest singer ever recorded.

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5:04 pm

I live about ten miles outside of Eva's hometown in Maryland. I'm a jazz singer and my boyfriend owns a local record store, so I've met quite a few people who knew her personally and many who were lucky enough to see the preformance at Blues Alley. Up until about five years ago, I had always thought of her as a local artist and DC's best kept secret. It's good to see she has finally got the recognition she deserves.

I just wish she had lived to see it happen.

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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
5:06 pm - Eva Cassidy mentioned in a James Patterson novel.

First and foremost, thanks to Becky for posting in this community! I was wondering if anyone ever would. Hopefully this community will continue to grow.

I just wanted to mention that I was reading this James Patterson book, Sam's Letters to Jennifer. I'm not a particular fan of Patterson, and I'll admit, I didn't like this book too much...But I read it because I really loved one of his other books, Suzanne's Diary for Nicolas.

Anyway, in the book,the main character, Jennifer, is dancing with her boyfriend, Brendan, as an Eva Cassidy song is playing.

Maybe I think too deeply, but I noticed that in the novel, Brendan is dying of cancer is he is dancing with Jennifer to an Eva Cassidy song.

And Eva Cassidy died of cancer...

Anyway, I thought that to be somewhat symbolic.

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Thursday, August 25th, 2005
10:03 pm

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: a co-worker of mine was playing her at work and when "i know you by heart" came on i started bawling like a baby because it made me think of my deceased mother. ever since then i started listening to her and i realized how much i love her voice and decided i needed to get some of her albums. i currently have songbird, imagine, and time after time
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: "Songbird"
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: "i know you by heart"
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: hmm...i've never seen her work. i'll have to look into it.

so basically the title of my journal is "you're still here beside me every day, cause i know you by heart" because of that song and what it means to me. it usually makes me cry every time i hear it.


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Saturday, August 6th, 2005
11:22 am - Welcome :)

Hello everyone!

I've just created this community for fans of Eva Cassidy. She was not only an incredible musician, but artist as well.

Anyway, my name's Amelia. I live in Michigan...I'm going to fill out this little thing - if you join, please do the same. :)

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: About five years ago, my mom heard about Eva Cassidy through a friend, and she bought the "Live at Blues Alley" CD. It was always playing at home, and I just fell in love with it. We've since bought two other Eva Cassidy albums, "Songbird" and "Time After Time."
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: "Songbird"
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: I really like "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread" but of course, they're all good.
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: I love the painting "Baby Dragon" - I wrote a poem about it:

Faded memories
lost in forgotten intricacies
and nostalgic hearts
through a lifeless tomorrow’s
raw strokes
of hope.

Mystifying bubbles
into the calloused hands of gravity
at the touch of
a single blade of grass

under a daunting forest moonlight
that spills
the silver mercury blood of the dragon
and shines
beneath a sea-green sky
of shimmering stars.

(Just for the record, you can find Eva's art on www.evacassidy.com).

Anyway...Get posting!


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