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Eva fan

I'm so excited that I found this wee community about Eva! Never know there were any!

I would very much like to see this theatre about Eva, which I heard from a friend should be very good! But I'm not hoping too much that they will ever come to Sweden, so I guess I would have to travel to GB to be able to see it. I still have my hopes up though!
Here's a website;

Don't know if you are supposed to answer the questionnaire, but I do so anyway! ;)

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: My family and I bought this CD in a big mal, not knowing what to except from it. We only saw that it were some "famous songs" and thought we could give it a try, we did and I was stuck. Since then have I bought all her albums, and are amazed by her, from both her lovely music to her beautiful life and personality!

Favourite Eva Cassidy album: Before was it Live at Blues alley, but it's too hard to choose. Sometimes do I feel for that CD, and other days for another. Depends on my mood and day!

Favourite Eva Cassidy song: Can't choose here either, but my favourites are; People get ready, Bridge over troubled water, wonderful world, Imagine and Golden Thread.

Favourite Eva Cassidy painting: The essence of Eva. But I do love Girl with the bumblebee as well, as it sits proudly on my wall!

Sara xxx
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Welcome! I'm glad you joined the community and posted. I'm sorry it's so quiet around here much of the time -- there isn't very much Eva news, and definitely not enough Eva fans out there! So I'm glad you still managed to find the community!

I'd also love to see the theatre production but I live in the States, so...

Anyway, welcome!

Amelia (the moderator)
Thanks Amelia! Yeah, the Eva sites out there are often pretty quiet, but I'm sure if more would find out about your community, they would be happy to join! Maybe you could ask Laura to put a link on her website? A lot of the links she has there no longer exist, so maybe she needs some new links to add!

Did you read the poll on Eva's site about creating a new album with Eva songs, even though it's not perfect technically? She says it's no hint for a new album, but at least Eva's family and everyone who works with making her CD's will see that her fans don't care much about it and that we just want to hear Eva again. Because as much as I love the other CD's would it be so nice with a new one! I hope a lot of people will vote for yes. :)

Hopefully will the theatre go on tour outside of UK, and if they will, I'm sure they would visit USA first, because after all was it there Eva lived. I did send a mail to the people organizing this thing, and she sounded pretty positive about maybe going to Sweden, but she also asked me for some venues, and I'm afraid that I don't know any good ones. So maybe that plan didn't go anywhere anyway! To be honest would it be pretty strange to see someone playing Eva, singing her songs and all that. But it would be fun too, because you would probably learn more about her life and personality!

I really like your poem about the Dragon painting, it's really good! Eva was an amazing artist, all her paintings are brilliant!

Thanks again, Sara
Another Swedish Eva Cassidy fan here. :D