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New Member...

I was delighted to find this community; not many people know about Eva and her glorious voice, especially people my age (I'm thirteen).
I wish Eva was more appreciated in her short life, and even now.

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: I grew up listening to Eva when my parents played her music in the car. Recently, I rediscovered Eva. I remembered her voice, etched into my subconscious, and went through all our old CDs, eventually finding her CD, I have since added her to my iPod and nor play her music non-stop.
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: Oh, it;d have to be 'Songbird'.
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: Can you really pick? I can't go past 'Songbird', 'Fields of Gold', 'People Get Ready' and 'Over the Rainbow'.
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: I didn't realise she painted until now, but looking through her artwork online, I like 'Flowers for Dorothee', 'Baby Dragon' and 'Daisy Face'.
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