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Eva-The most incredible singer I have ever heard

I first learned about Eva about a month ago when my husband brought home a CD a friend had loaned him--Live at Blues Alley. I am 46 years old and I have heard a lot of great, wonderful, inspirational music in my lifetime. But I have never heard anybody sing like Eva. She is in a class of her own. Her voice truly is the voice of an angel. I learned that she had grown up in the same area as I had, and that she used to play at Venues that I used to go to, like Blues Alley, and the Bayou in DC.
i couldn't believe I had never heard of her.
I am not an overly emotional person, and God knows there so many things in this world that can make you cynical. But listening to Eva's music can easily bring me to tears. I really have never heard such a magnificent voice in my life. I have purchased 4 of her CD'S so far and I am amazed every time I listen to her music at how GREAT she was.
She deserves to be ranked among the very best singers that ever lived.
I have always been a music lover, and I have lots of favorites, old and new...among them Bonnie Raitt, Nora Jones, Alison Krauss, Emmy Lou Harris, Dave Mathews band, Leon Russell, Tori Amos,Yo Yo Ma, Eric Clapton, etc etc.
Although I love all of their music and the music of so many others, I can't say any of them has actually brought me to tears.
Eva Cassidy's voice touches my very soul, and I guess you can say that is the true meaning of soul music!
I plan on purchasing every recording of hers I can get my hand on, but only those recordings that her family and friends have approved. In other words, I will not burn her CD's or purchase "bootleg" recordings because I respect this remarkable woman so much, as well as her family.
I am grateful that they have released her recordings for the public to purchase, and I hope they chose to release more.
I have bought CD's of Eva's and had them mailed them to friends and family.....I just think the world needs to know about this amazing person.
I am amazed by how versatile she was....she could sing the blues like the best, she could sing jazz, swing, country, folk, matter what genre she was great. GREAT.
i am so happy I discovered her music and I hope the rest of the world does!
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