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Eva fan

I'm so excited that I found this wee community about Eva! Never know there were any!

I would very much like to see this theatre about Eva, which I heard from a friend should be very good! But I'm not hoping too much that they will ever come to Sweden, so I guess I would have to travel to GB to be able to see it. I still have my hopes up though!
Here's a website;

Don't know if you are supposed to answer the questionnaire, but I do so anyway! ;)

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: My family and I bought this CD in a big mal, not knowing what to except from it. We only saw that it were some "famous songs" and thought we could give it a try, we did and I was stuck. Since then have I bought all her albums, and are amazed by her, from both her lovely music to her beautiful life and personality!

Favourite Eva Cassidy album: Before was it Live at Blues alley, but it's too hard to choose. Sometimes do I feel for that CD, and other days for another. Depends on my mood and day!

Favourite Eva Cassidy song: Can't choose here either, but my favourites are; People get ready, Bridge over troubled water, wonderful world, Imagine and Golden Thread.

Favourite Eva Cassidy painting: The essence of Eva. But I do love Girl with the bumblebee as well, as it sits proudly on my wall!

Sara xxx
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