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Welcome :)

Hello everyone!

I've just created this community for fans of Eva Cassidy. She was not only an incredible musician, but artist as well.

Anyway, my name's Amelia. I live in Michigan...I'm going to fill out this little thing - if you join, please do the same. :)

How I discovered Eva Cassidy: About five years ago, my mom heard about Eva Cassidy through a friend, and she bought the "Live at Blues Alley" CD. It was always playing at home, and I just fell in love with it. We've since bought two other Eva Cassidy albums, "Songbird" and "Time After Time."
Favorite Eva Cassidy album: "Songbird"
Favorite Eva Cassidy song: I really like "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread" but of course, they're all good.
Favorite Eva Cassidy painting: I love the painting "Baby Dragon" - I wrote a poem about it:

Faded memories
lost in forgotten intricacies
and nostalgic hearts
through a lifeless tomorrow’s
raw strokes
of hope.

Mystifying bubbles
into the calloused hands of gravity
at the touch of
a single blade of grass

under a daunting forest moonlight
that spills
the silver mercury blood of the dragon
and shines
beneath a sea-green sky
of shimmering stars.

(Just for the record, you can find Eva's art on

Anyway...Get posting!

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