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Eva Cassidy mentioned in a James Patterson novel.

First and foremost, thanks to Becky for posting in this community! I was wondering if anyone ever would. Hopefully this community will continue to grow.

I just wanted to mention that I was reading this James Patterson book, Sam's Letters to Jennifer. I'm not a particular fan of Patterson, and I'll admit, I didn't like this book too much...But I read it because I really loved one of his other books, Suzanne's Diary for Nicolas.

Anyway, in the book,the main character, Jennifer, is dancing with her boyfriend, Brendan, as an Eva Cassidy song is playing.

Maybe I think too deeply, but I noticed that in the novel, Brendan is dying of cancer is he is dancing with Jennifer to an Eva Cassidy song.

And Eva Cassidy died of cancer...

Anyway, I thought that to be somewhat symbolic.
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